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Re: My daughters dream
« Reply #15 on: July 01, 2010, 10:52:40 pm »
I wanted to quote you (Lauren, or is it Laurel?  smile ), but I can't figure out how
to scroll the post down when it's in my reply box. duh! hahahaha

I'm glad that you are blessed. And what a neat story about when you were

That's interesting that your dd said her skin turned old.... yes... that would go along
with the vision I had as well. Thank you Lord.

I'd like to share a discernment I had on another occassion (this is not related to your
dd, but I thought it would be interesting to share how the Lord shows things symbolically)

I became friends with a young woman at my church, she approached me after service
because I had testified about something. I could tell that she was needing a friend so
I invited her over to our home and since she lived in the city, I offered to let her spend the
night. Everything seemed to be alright but my husband was noticing some things that I
wasn't... like, it seemed as though she was jealous for my time! She would act rude
to him when I wasn't looking etc. Then, I thought she was being christianly by giving me
some shirts (she just did this without me saying anything), she gave me some perfume
which was pretty expensive... I said to her, PLEASE, I don't expect any gifts! and, the
perfume is so expensive, are you really sure about that?
She said these were things
she didn't like anymore etc.

Well, this went on for a few weeks and during that time, the Lord gave me some visions.
In the first vision, I saw a big end of it was a slight distance from me, and
the other end of it was moving down towards me and landed right in front of my face!
I thought: wow Lord! that's neat... a rainbow!....what are you trying to tell me? (hahaha).
The answer wasn't immediate however and I had another vision.

I saw this young woman standing at my doorstep except she looked ENTIRELY different than
what she did in real life. It was very dark outside in the vision. I looked at her face and it
was extremely sickly looking... green colored in fact. Her eyes were swollen looking and her
cheeks were too, but then I noticed as I continued to look.... her skin was changing into a
reptilian, scaly appearance.... and as I was looking down towards her neck, I noticed that
she was REALLY thin, like she had aids or something!

About a week later, another friend of mine was over for a visit. She said "Kim, your church
friend is definitely coming on to you....she's gay!". I was like "what??????".... how could I
have missed that? ROFL! But, after the visions from God, I KNEW it was true! The RAINBOW,
(the gay pride symbol), and her looking like she had aids. (I could go on and on with this
incident...I am so thankful to God for warning me, God is so good!).

I wanted to say this earlier too... I want to encourage your dd. The gift God has given her
is remarkable for her age! She's being shown DETAILS that most adult christians never
experience. It's a gift of discernment for the prophetic. God wants her to learn from this
and as she does, He will continue to show her more and more, but it will require her obedience
to Him.

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Re: My daughters dream
« Reply #16 on: July 02, 2010, 02:09:32 am »
wow! :confused0068:  Petty eye opening, right?  I had a women that came onto me when I was younger, married and working at a restrant.  I being larger, was pretty strong too.  A good think too, for I went into the large restrant refrigurater and there she came after me.  She looked and dress like a boy, and acted like one as well.  Scary!  I was grabbed and had one of my arms bushed up my back as to try and control my movements, She then started to make passes at me, mocking and laughing at me.  It ticked me off!  Befor I knew it I had lefted her off the floor and up against some shavels of eggs.  I was you ever to that again to me.  I dropped her and left befor she could get up.  That Day, I getting rides from others I worked with told my boss two things.  why was it ok for a guy girl to aslalte and herass other, and he asked around and found out that she was doing this to two other women there.  he was fired with in a week of me talking to him about this, the other thing I talked to him about was why was it ok that I was called names, treated badly, or bullied by others because of my religion, I told him just what was going on and who was doing it.  I told him they dont dare teach others from other beliefs that way so why was it ok because I am a christians.  So one other person was fired after that day, after she came up and was trying to bully me about telling on her, as if it was ok and she ment no harm.  I think we christians do wrong when keeping silent as if we justify persacusion by silences...when that isnt what is really happening...we then lead into others wrong doing, like the attacks on Marrage, hiring freely others that are sexoffenders for jobs working with kids, because we are silent in the fight, or doing fight at all...because is going to happen anyways.....right?  Now, it is never right to keep silent, and enables wrong doing to keep going.  I have learned that the hard way,, take a stand when ever we can, as long as we can!  amen!!!