Author Topic: stressed out- Jesus cares!!!  (Read 60 times)

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stressed out- Jesus cares!!!
« on: September 05, 2010, 01:36:11 am »
I dont know if this was a dream of vision, but that I had it after being worn out after the loss of my dog.  I have let you know all about that struggle. 

This was every short one.  Lasting only a few seconds, being that it was pretty fast. 

I was walking just out side a gate, looking like the grounds of a mansion.  The gate was like a normal one done in iron and bricks like those on a large estate would have.  I was walking towords and open gate would be.  I then seen Jesus.  He opened a gate.  I heard him call in a low voice and pick up a small dog, as I came right in.  Smiling really big, and I seen my sweet Dog I just lost being picked up, tail just agoing...shacking her body just as it had always done when she was happy to see me.  It all stopped....I started crying....but with Joy. grin

Jesus knows my pain, and took the time to show me with that little promise.  I still cant but my finger on if it was a dream or a vision.  But I cant say It gave me a peace I didnt have before.  I told my hubby about that dream, and we all ended up crying.  It was short, but just what was needed.

love you Jesus!